Elizabeth Bowman and Bob Stone.

This is a joint bio because we have worked closely together since 1985 on Sartre’s second ethics, theory of self-management, and global capitalism. Since 2004 we've helped start the Center for Global Justice in San Miguel Allende, Mexico, for “research and learning for a better world.” Elizabeth Bowman’s PhD dissertation in French Lit at Columbia University (1987) treated Sartre’s ethical plays. She taught French at Memphis University, University of Hartford, and Middlebury College. Since 2005 she has written and lectured on global capitalism. Bob Stone taught philosophy for 35 years - mostly at C. W. Post College of Long Island University. In 1982 he helped co-found the Radical Philosophy Association and the Review of Radical Philosophy. We are activists in civil rights, peace, feminist, worker cooperative, and solidarity economy movements. Our twin focus remains economic democracy and Sartre’s ethics. We have been on the Grassroots Economic Organizing editorial board since 1994. Our articles have appeared in journals and collections in philosophy, sociology, economics and political science in the US, Russia, Bulgaria, Belgium, France, Mexico and Argentina. Recent work is on We are now studying austerity, the growing social appropriation movement, and the possibility of a global conversation on moving beyond capitalism. We aim to publish our Making the Human: A Reading of Sartre’s Ethical Writings of the mid-1960s which we started in 1985.

Cliff DuRand

is a life long political activist and retired Philosophy professor.  Born and raised in the Third World country of North Dakota, he spent 40 years of his adult life teaching at Morgan State University, a historically Black university in Baltimore.  He received a B.A. from the University of North Dakota, a M.A. from Johns Hopkins University, and an interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Social Philosophy at Florida State University. 
In 1982 he founded the Progressive Action Center as a home for the Left in Baltimore.  He was also a founder of the Radical Philosophy Association and its Secretary and Treasurer for 13 years.  Since 1990 Cliff has organized and led annual educational trips to Cuba, for which he was named Profesor Invitado at the Universidad de la Habana.  For over a decade he was also the China correspondent for the Guardian newspaper (NYC).
Since retiring from the university, Cliff and his wife Julie, moved to San Miguel, Mexico where he helped found the Center for Global Justice in 2004.  His primary roles at the Center are coordinating the English language public education events, organizing the Center’s travel programs to Cuba, and serving as Treasurer.  He is a popular public speaker and co-author and co-editor of Recreating Democracy in a Globalized State.

Jock Ferguson

Toronto, Ontario Canada. I was lucky to get into UTS for high school. It was the top high school in North America. Then I went to Mount Allison University and studied history, philosophy and communications.
From the very beginning of my investigative journalism career, I focused on exposing corporate fraud and corporate bribing of politicians.  I created a television show in 1973 for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation – “Marketplace” – that continues to be broadcast.
From 2,000 until 2010, I ran a unique consulting business from San Miguel de Allende that was formally based in New York. I was able to expose how corporations actually operated rather than what they disclosed in SEC filings.
I discovered significant evidence of fraud in outsourcing, privatizing, for-profit education, global agriculture, industrial processing of corporate food, the financial sector and in a number of health care business sectors.
I have helped the USA Deparment of Justice recover 287.5-million dollars from two major health care corporations that fraudulently billed both Medicaid and Medicare. They used this fraud tactic to make major profits from steeling a lot of money from the federal government.
I joined the Center for Global Justice just over three years ago after I retired from my consulting business. I am a member of the Global Justice board.
Now, I want to give people good ideas on how they can have much healthier lives by moving beyond capitalism through de-corporatizing their food consumption.

Atahualpa Caldera Sosa

Biologist and watershed management expert. Ata received his degree in Biology from the Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos (UAEM) and recently completed his Masters Degree in Watershed Management at the Universidad Autonoma de Queretaro (UAQ). Ata has participated in various workshops and seminars in Mexico and abroad in Germany and Canada. He was Coordinator of Projects concerning Natural Protected Areas, Ecotourism and Compost for Organizacion Accion y Desarrollo Ecologico A.C. He is also a co-producer of an award-winning documentary directed by Francesco Taboada Tabone called 13 Pueblos: en defensa del agua, el aire y la tierra (defending water, air and land), Winner of Premio Rigoberta Menchu at the Montreal 2008 People's Festival. His family lives around 15 minutes outside of San Miguel de Allende on a property that is a model of sustainable living -- adobe house, solar panels, dry (compost) toilets, a windmill, solar oven, and a water collection system with filtration and a 90,000-liter cistern. Through his non-profit organization, Grupo de Acción Interdisciplinaria Ambiental A.C., Ata offers workshops on how to construct and maintain some of these alternative energy systems.

Peter Weisberg

A  graduate of Cornell University, Peter started 5 small business's and retired in 2011.
Starting in college, Peter became involved in the anti-war movement and has remained steadfastly anti-capitalist.  In Chicago, San Francisco,Benicia and now Richmond, California, Peter participated in many grass roots social justice organizations.  Now living in San Miguel for a considerable portion of the year, Peter feels like he has found a political home in the CGJ. 

Peggy Bell

I live in San Miguel de Allende since 24 years ago. During that time I have been active in many organizations, primarily the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of San Miguel de Allende where I have served as President as well as active Board member for many years. I have also worked with Mujeres en Cambio, Jovenes Adelante, and others. I serve on the national as well as the local board of Democrats Abroad. I am thrilled to serve on the Board of the Center and hope to be able to contribute to the success of this very important organization. I wholeheartedly support its goals and objectives.


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