CEDESA - “El Centro de Desarrollo Agropecuario”

CEDESA was founded in 1965 by a catholic priest and several nuns concerned about they saw as the many necessities and injustices visited on the people of northern Guanajuato state. The organization began teaching literacy and other skills to rural campesinos. CEDESA’s mission has evolved to include contributing to the organization, abilities and health of these communities. Their goal is for campesinos to strengthen their identities and productive abilities, their knowledge of ecology, and the ability to make autonomous decisions as communities. Their projects include many sustainable agricultural technologies of which they provide training to local people. They are also avid activists for local conservation projects and work with many organizations, such as the Center for Global Justice on joint projects involving communities and education. CEDESA also produces its own brand of food stuffs and traditional medicines.



    • Introduction to the work of the Center for Global Justice

9:30 Leave for CEDESA

10:30- 5:00

    • Introduction to CEDESA and viewing of a short film about the history and mission of the organization
    • Walking tour of the CEDESA Eco-technologies including: rainwater capturing cisterns, dry toilets, perma-culture, gray water filtration systems, and “backyard garden” project
    • Delicious lunch prepared by CEDESA staff from produce grown on their land
    • Visit to a community that is implementing some of CEDESA’s ecological designs
    • Dialogue between community members and visitors about experiences and their lives


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