The Community of Cieneguilla is located in the Sierra Gorda Mountains in the Terria Blanca Municipality an hour and half outside of San Miguel de Allende. The Cieneguilla congregation is made up of 19 communities and was founded in 1536. This community is a place where ancient indigenous culture and modern traditions live side by side. The marketing cooperative of Mujeres Productoras was formed by 15 women of the community and introduced to the Center for Global Justice through our community organizer Yolanda Millan. The women share space in a shop located at the Center’s offices in downtown San Miguel. This community, due to it’s rich indigenous history is imbued with culture and ritual and the Center often takes groups to Cieneguilla to participate in one of their most ancient of traditions, “the temascal” or sweat lodge.


8:30- Leave for Community

10:00- 4:00

    • General introduction to the community and ritual of the Temascal
    • A light breakfast of atole, tamales, fruit, etc is served
    • A walking tour of the medicinal plants garden of the community where you will see 400 year old giant cacti and other medicinal plants
    • Opening rituals for the Temascal, singing
    • Temascal (from an hour to an hour and half)
    • Delicious lunch prepared by members of the community with traditional foods
    • Discussion between members of the community and the visitors about experiences and their lives

6:00- Return to Center


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