Working together harmoniously in a group is probably one of the hardest things to do, and one of the things that we are least taught how to do. But it is something that we can learn. Working together should be an empowering activity. Like in a jazz band, each one does something different and differently, but in so doing enhances what the others do. The Center for Global Justice provides workshops on how to work together harmoniously, how to thrive within democratic decision making, and how to legally establish a group as a cooperative under Mexican law.
Each workshop is specifically tailored to the group involved.

The workshop involves from four to six weekly meetings of about two or three hours each over a period of one to two months. Prof. Santiago Cuevas of the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro initially “taught,” or “facilitated” the first three workshops; Yolanda Millán then facilitated the subsequent four workshops. The Center for Global Justice has benefited from two generous grants from the Doolittle Fund of the Unitarian Universalist Community Church of New York City. The workshops are free of charge for the participants. The Center for Global Justice raises funds to pay the facilitator and cover the other costs of the workshop. Yolanda Millán is able to go to rural communities to provide the training.

We have devised an evaluation system for the participants in the workshops to ascertain whether or not the workshops help individuals get together in a group, produce something and sell it at our Sat. TOSMA market. Do the workshops initiate and/or promote a process of self-organization that leads to each producer improving his or her product and raising his or her family’s standard of living? The Center for Global Justice is doing longitudinal studies to ascertain how to improve our workshops. Look for two and three year results in mid 2015.


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How may we contact you directly? The is willing to take part and collaborate as well. Please let us know the details by email or in private message.