A Declaration of Principles and Action for a New World

Moving Beyond Capitalism Conference
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico    
August 2014

Shared Values and Principles

Millions are rising globally to challenge corporate domination of government, people, and the commons, and building a ‘movement of movements’. Hundreds gathered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for the ‘Moving Beyond Capitalism’ Conference in August 2014, and we share the millions’ principles for building a new world. This new world is founded upon the basic human rights principles of universality, accountability, transparency, and equity. It is rooted in interconnection, interdependence, and love.  It is based on a popular sovereignty which involves direct, democratic participation in shared, from-the-ground-up, cooperative decision-making for collective action that serves the common good, with higher levels supporting the lower.  

We will combat the toxic forces on which domination and tyranny variously rely, such as the patriarchy, hegemony, colonialism, and racism that exist within external oppressors, and even within our own movements at times.  The resulting participatory-expansion promotes human development through direct engagement and social decision-making, and it fosters cooperation, a care economy, dialogue and a sense of agency, instrumental knowledge and wisdom, values clarification, and social consciousness.  In this new paradigm, the enriched individual is part of a larger social whole, not an isolated atom, and thereby significantly enriches the whole, from the grassroots up, and in the millions.

Two Campaigns

As part of co-establishing a new world, we believe it is essential to join hands with the millions rising with regard to two issues: namely, Trade (stopping the TransPacific Partnership, specifically) and Climate Change.

Trade affects everything.  So-called ‘Free Trade’ is simply trade rigged for the benefit of transnational corporations.  ‘Free Trade’ agreements (such as the TPP, TTIP and TISA) lead to monopolies, loss of sovereignty, commodifying government services and other essentials. They undermine democracy and drive a downward spiral of exploitation and destruction of the planet and all living beings.  They expand the wealth divide and adversely affect the environment, agriculture, labor rights and wages, food safety and water, internet freedom, healthcare, banking and financial regulation, and community control of economy and environment.

They allow corporations to sue signatory countries for “expected” profits in trade tribunals that neither abide by the laws of the nation where the trade occurs, nor are reviewed by traditional courts.  Judges on such tribunals are primarily corporate lawyers on leave from corporate jobs.  It is clear we need new approaches to trade.
Building on the victory of the successfully stopped World Trade Organization (WTO), our intention is to focus upon the TransPacific Partnership (TPP), which is being secretly negotiated by over 600 corporate advisors working with the American government with neither public nor government oversight.  It will affect the people and economies of the United States, Mexico, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Chile, Peru and Japan.  The economic power of TPP countries is more than 40% greater than the 27-nation European Union, and will result in further attacks on democracy, sovereignty and the rights of people and nature.

We believe it is crucial to simultaneously dismantle all systems of oppression and to replace 'free trade', skewed in favor of corporations, with fair trade, which benefits people, communities, and our environment.  That is, trade that powerfully supports all democratic, worker-based initiatives and ownership, and fair trade organizations and companies.  In light, then, of the upcoming introduction in November 2014 of ‘Smart Track’ for the TPP in the US Senate to push it through into law, we seek to join campaigns to stop the TPP and to thereby establish trade that puts people and planet before profits, is negotiated transparently with participation of people and elected officials, minimizes corporate dominance economies, and that recognizes human rights, public goods and environment.  

Climate Change is an acute challenge to the future of the planet and all species, and the biggest issue regarding climate change is our continuing to ignore it.  Pacific Island nations are already being swallowed by rising sea levels, and globally hundreds of thousands of lives are at great risk from climate change.  Methane gas (perhaps 20 times worse for warming than carbon pollution) is escaping from a melting Arctic, further moving us to critical tipping-points.  The Earth and humanity are being affected by freak floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, polar ice caps melting, coral reefs disappearing, alteration in sea/fresh water composition, migration patterns changing, volcanic eruptions, mudslides, drought, salinity and other ecological threats and crises. Climate change is an issue with ever-shortening time limits that demands coordinated, unprecedented action now to fight inertia, denial and lethargy.

Hundreds of thousands will take to the streets on September 21’s People’s Climate March, ahead of New York’s world leader gathering as called by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon just two days later, and that will focus on Paris’s UN Climate Conference in November 2015.

With others, we have opportunities to bring attention to what is at stake and to highlight strategies founded on sustainable energy economies to protect the planet and the welfare of people.  We have opportunities to remake economies based on sustainability, equity and fairness, and to establish economies that use renewable resources, such as solar, ocean wave, and wind.  We have opportunities to entirely divest from (carbon and nuclear) polluters and to invest in the creation of democratized energy systems of green infrastructure, from the local to the global, prioritizing the decentralized community control that localizes economies and empowers communities, and that simultaneously works towards the goal of democratizing the state with nationalization of  large-scale green energy and industrial enterprises.

Joining Local and Global Movements

Aware of the challenges we are facing, the participants of the ‘Moving Beyond Capitalism’ Conference wish to work in solidarity with local and global efforts to not only expose toxic, rigged trade agreements and climate change denial, but also to galvanize momentum and focus on solutions. Critical examination of the current situation is only the beginning.  In light of fast-moving domestic, international trends, we are committed to supporting just trade and sustainable energy economies.  Embracing the power of the fundamental principle of ‘Unity in Diversity’, and knowing a multitude of local and international, focussed initiatives already exist, it is our desire to assist in utilizing all available means and alliances, and we are open to how we might collectively partner with numerous others in the continued building of a new world in a ‘movement of movements’.  

The New World Being Co-Created

A new world is emerging and positive actions are already in motion.  Talents and initiatives are building in momentum to bridge worldviews and powerfully re-imagine and found the new world from the ground up.  Born out of acute necessity, and aware of the critical interdependence of policy, human behaviour, economic and environmental health, examples abound regarding the inspired, visionary, positive initiatives exponentially manifesting worldwide, further linking and cross-pollinating different cultures, countries, and continents.

We are seeing the rise of consumer, worker and manufacturing cooperatives, more progressive electoral politics, and people’s community councils that embrace local, grassroots governance, community mediators, consensus-building and participatory democracy. We are seeing both rural and urban communities working to create sustainable, locally-owned energy, and local food production and distribution networks. We are seeing the rise of the international solidarity economy network, alternate currencies, public banks, community partnership banking models, barter systems and state banks.  The global climate movement and increasing desire for, and use of, solar, wind and other clean energy sources for heart-centered, sustainable communities and initiatives are also on the rise.  Enormous initiatives and organization have resulted in unprecedented victories opposing extreme energy extraction, demonstrating the transformation of global beliefs and practices to secure a sustainable and just planetary culture and wellbeing.

There remains a long way to go, and crises abound, to recover what has been lost and to ensure the conscious capacity to live in freedom and abundance as a global community, interdependent with Nature, and enhancing life on earth for everyone.  It is critical to continue to take a stand, to engage imagination, and to focus on what we want to build in conscious co-creation and participation. It is critical that we maintain a vibrant hope at this crucial moment in our evolutionary trajectory and not give into despondency in order to secure a collective future that has moved from the more primitive, reactionary, destructive and fear-based and into empowered cooperation, sustainability and resilience for all, for generations to come.

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commented 2017-08-09 04:33:33 -0500 · Flag
In our ilmaiset kolikkopelit field, we are also trying to accomplish more acknowledgement for ordinary people
commented 2016-06-06 11:33:08 -0500 · Flag
Capitalism was never the problem; it was ALWAYS corruption, and as long as people keep missing the mark on identifying that as a REAL issue, the problem that generated the corruption will only show its ugly head somewhere else. Whether we discuss capitalism, communism, monarchism, oligarchies, dictatorships, or whatever, leaders have ALWAYS, with very few exceptions, hoarded whatever power they had amassed. They just don’t want to give that power up. Name one ruler who was willing to step down so that someone else among his population could step up and provide new ideas ……. someone who was NOT corrupted or corrupting the legal and judicial system. In every case, the only reason these bastards have to step down is because they are being forced out. And along with their departure, in at least this country, like the Clintons, they come into office on a shoestring and leave as billionaires.

That power has been forced upon populations for hundreds of years through the imposition of dictatorial administrative schemes by European and British rulers that only sought to acquire more or at maintain power over countries too small to just say NO. It was all “gun barrel diplomacy”. The acquisition of more land and resources; whether it belonged to someone else was irrelevant. So, what we see as seemingly benign entities like the UPU, UCC, and the UN, are really nothing more than complex rule books for conquered populations to comply with, lest they step out of line and be penalized.

Well, we haven’t progressed far from there at all. ANy attempts by the current globalists to unify the planet under one world order is just a ruse to remove the possibility of any other country like the USA becoming militarily resistant enough to foil the attempts of a complete takeover by the globalist elites.

We are STILL battling for clean air, clean water, oil, sand, lumber, minerals, fisheries; how can ANYONE argue that we are ready to all join hands and sing Kumbaya, when we can’t even manage to elect people trustworthy enough to not steal everything? The answer lies in that, like our own US Constitution, we haven’t even given that beautifully crafted document a chance to prove itself. Instead of getting straight "A"s in US History and Civics, too many people of voting age have been denied a proper educational upbringing and now feel like they know everything and are ready to change the Constitution to something more warm and fuzzy for them. Remember, our founding fathers may have been colonists, but they were WELL-EDUCATED colonists in history and philosophy as well as being fluent in several languages. They would study the workings of man from Socrates to John Locke, while today’s politicians don’t even understand the Constitution, period.

We are NOT ready for any type of One World Anything, because too many people and governments have yet to understand why we had boundaries in the first place. During emotional and spiritual development, boundaries are how we protect our psychic space from being invaded before we are even aware that we have any to be invaded. Boundaries, whether geo-political or personal, are projections of the limitations of our own spiritual development. NAFTA, TPP, etc. are nothing more than massive boundary infractions imposed by dysfunctional opportunistic elitists, who have no problem causing rifts in “the family”, so to speak, as long as they are always perceived to be the “parents” and in control. No, we will be ready for joining hands AFTER we learn WHY we had boundaries in the first place. We are nowhere even close to that as a species.

As far as Climate Change; remember, this used to be called “Global Warming”. The weather is changing; that is agreed, but how can anyone profess to understand the depth of man’s involvement as long as the same corrupt individuals running the planet are behind the massive “Chem-trailing” programs? One might think that putting this umbrella-like cloud of aluminum and barium salts over the Earth would cool it down, but it doesn’t work that way within the livable limits of life as we know it. These self-proclaimed geo-engineering experts may be blocking sunlight to the Earth during the daylight hours, but this increased albedo layer also retards the dissipation of nocturnal infra-red radiation during the nighttime cooling cycle. Not only that, cutting down the sunlight during the daytime also limits photosynthetic activity during the day, thereby decreasing CO2 sequestration by plants and aquatic algae. This has all been a deviously conceived hegelian plan to convince unwitting populations around the globe why they NEED a one world government, when it is this SAME crowd who are causing the problems to begin with.

Pardon my lack of brevity.
published this page in Moving Beyond Capitalism 2014-11-07 20:52:13 -0600