February 17 - 18

Center for Global Justice presents:
February 17 - 18, 2016

Talk:  “How Foundations Exercise Power” by Dr. Joan Roelofs
February 17 Wednesday at 11:00am in Sala Quetzal

Panel:  “Varieties of Socialism”  
February 18 Thursday 1:00pm Sala Quetzal

February 17 - 18, 2016

**** 11:00am Wednesday ****  


We usually think of foundations as philanthropic organizations that provide funds for worthwhile purposes.  However we don’t reflect on the power of these private institutions, the power to shape our organization’s agendas and direct public discourse.  Foundations are another one of the ways money talks.  

Political scientist Joan Roelofs has been studying the private power of foundations.  She is author of Foundations and Public Policy: The Mask of Pluralism.  Dr. Roelofs will be sharing her findings with us in a talk on “How Foundations Exercise Power.”  
***** 1:00pm Thursday *****  


Bernie Sanders has put the word “socialism” into our current political discourse.  Other candidates and the media want to ignore his ‘democratic socialism”.  However, his rallies are drawing huge numbers of young people (and others) who are not afraid of the ‘S’ word.  Half of the Iowa Democrats were even drawn to it, not to mention most of New Hampshire’s voters.  But what does it mean?  A Global Justice panel will explore “Varieties of Socialism.”  Is it the New Deal?  Or public ownership of the means of production or just an activist government promoting the common welfare?  Is it publicly owned facilities?  Or is it cooperatives or even communal living?  Whatever it is, the billionaire class is afraid of it.

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Yes, foundations exercise power sometimes, unfortunately I must agree with this. The talk “How Foundations Exercise Power” was really good, thanks for that.

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