February 1 - 5, 2016

Center for Global Justice presents:
February 1 - 5, 2015

Film:  "Where To Invade Next" (Michael Moore)
February 2 Tuesday at 1:00pm in Teatro Santa Ana

Panel:  "Free Trade vs Democracy: The TransPacific Partnership"
February 3Wednesday at 11:00am in Sala Quetzal

Talk: "Ending the War in Iraq and Syria; the Common Sense Strategy" by Jeff Faux
February 4 Thursday at 1:00 in Teatro Santa Ana

Fundraising party:  "Send Sallie to Samos: People to People Solidarity with Refugees Arriving in Greece"
February 6 Saturday at 4:00 in Café Santa Ana

February 1 - 5, 2015

***** Tuesday 1:00 *****


It may be a little difficult to know what to make of Michael Moore's new film "Where To Invade Next".  It opens with a typical Moore fantasy as he is called to the Pentagon by generals who can't figure out why we haven't been able to win a single war since WW II.  So he is sent on an assignment to other countries, not to claim their resources or bring them the American Way of Life, but to learn from them.

He picks up a motif from earlier films like "Bowling for Columbine" where he discovers in Canada a society so safe people don't even lock their doors.  Or in "Sicko" where he shows us the far superior health care systems of Canada, England, France and even poor Cuba.  In this film he similarly holds up a mirror in which we can see how we would like to be, not only in health care, but also education, the prison system, drug policy, the workplace, and many other areas of daily life.  He does this by taking us to various European countries, draped in a US flag, and showing us the more humane and more satisfying quality of life with the social democratic policies that prevail there.

He heads off to Italy, France, Slovenia, the Scandinavian countries, Portugal, Germany, Iceland and eventually even Tunisia, And while it may seem like there is little thematic unity in his quest, what gradually emerges is a composite picture of what our society could be like.  He helps the viewer imagine a socialist America of the sort that Bernie Sanders is calling us to.  "Where To Invade Next" is as politically timely as all his earlier films.  It seeks to shake us out of our chauvinistic view of ourselves as the exceptional nation showing the world the way forward.  Instead it reminds us that we have more to learn from others than we have to teach.  With some patriotic humility we might be able to find our way again as a nation.

***** Wednesday 11:00 ******

Free Trade vs Democracy: The TransPacific Partnership

President Obama is poised to sign an international agreement that will limit sovereignty and override many of our laws and regulations.  It's called the TransPacific Partnership.  It will then be presented to Congress for ratification under a fast track procedure that will alow only 20 hours of debate and no amendments.  TPP was negotiated in secret among 12 Pacific rim countries with major input from 600 transnational corporations, but no input from the public or our Congressional representatives.  But it will require them to change U.S. laws protecting the environment, food safety, internet freedom, labor protection, consumer rights and more.  

It's most controversial provision is it allows foreign corporations to sue the government for lost expected profits due to democratically enacted measures even though they protect a legitimate public interest.  International panels, operating in secret, will decide how much we have to pay corporations for democracy.

This stealth agreement has been called NAFTA on steroids.  It will be discussed by Dr. Cliff DuRand and a Global Justice panel that has been studying its provisions and its far reaching impact.  Come join the debate.

***** Thursday 1:00 *****


One of the highlights of the year is the annual Global Justice lecture by economist Jeff Faux.  He is author of The Servant Economy and Global Class War.  This year he turns his critical eye to the Middle East and the quagmire the U.S. finds itself in.

Most of the President's critics are urging him to do more of what he is already doing: aerial bombing, arms and money to presumed "moderates" to fight both ISIS and the Assad government in Syria, and pleas to our allies to do more. Hillary Clinton wants to add a no-fly zone in a slice of northern Syria. Most agree that the boots on the ground should be someone else's. Yet slowly but surely the President is caving in to the pressures to re-escalate.

Washington is unwilling to face an inconvenient truth: the war is lost.  The longer we persist, the more enemies we will make and the more blood and treasure we will spill.

The 12-year war has already cost upwards of $2 trillion, killed a million people – 4500 of them Americans – and created several million homeless and destitute refugees. The violence and disorder has spread throughout the region, spilled over to Africa, struck at the heart of Europe, and brought homegrown terrorist attacks to the United States. And there is no end in sight.

We cannot ultimately win this war for the same reason we could not win the Viet Nam War; we are unpopular occupiers, successors to British and French colonialists, demanding that they allow us to remake their culture in our image and to control their oil. Thus, ISIS needs us. Without the American presence, it loses its ability to market itself as the Islamic champion against the Western neo-crusaders.

Faux argues that America needs an Anti-War Movement. The first step is an Anti-War Argument.  Come join the discussion of this vital issue.

**** Saturday 4:00 *****

San Miguel's own Sallie Latch will be traveling to the Greek island of Samos to join with Greek and international volunteers in assisting refugees fleeing the war in Syria.  She is going to comfort tired, cold, wet, hungry mothers, fathers, and babies arriving daily by boat.  With our San Miguel donations Sallie will buy desperately needed food, diapers, shoes, and clothes in Samos, thus helping a depressed Greek economy.  Your donation will help in this people to people humanitarian solidarity. 

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