Anyone can become a member of the Center. The dues cycle is from January to December,  We are asking everyone to renew their dues in January. Membership dues are 120USD with a student/low income option of 25USD.

The Center requests that donors signify whether they are paying dues or making a donation when writing a check. If no designation is made, less than 120USD will be counted as a donation and over 120USD will be counted as dues plus donation. For any further clarification plus contact us at

While our focus is on global justice — corporate globalization and democratic alternatives to it — the Center hosts many research and learning projects, individual and collective, joining academics and non-academics. It is governed by an elected Coordinating Committee. Anyone sharing our vision may join; members pool their knowledge. They vote on governance and enjoy access to the Center’s residential fellowships, library, directory, and email listserve.

New Member

$120.00 for 1 year

Regular Member

$120.00 for 1 year