Moving Beyond Capitalism 

Capitalism is in crisis. Yet, well armed, it dominates humanity and the planet. While we may feel trapped in this system, there are tools for building another in its nooks and crannies. Are there economic practices that point to social relations privileging people over profit?  How can we detach our lives from corporate capitalism?  How to bring capital under democratic control in our communities & workplaces?  How can we start building “another world” now? 

A Declaration of Principles and Action for a New World

Moving Beyond Capitalism Conference
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico    
August 2014

Shared Values and Principles

Millions are rising globally to challenge corporate domination of government, people, and the commons, and building a ‘movement of movements’. Hundreds gathered in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, for the ‘Moving Beyond Capitalism’ Conference in August 2014, and we share the millions’ principles for building a new world. This new world is founded upon the basic human rights principles of universality, accountability, transparency, and equity. It is rooted in interconnection, interdependence, and love.  It is based on a popular sovereignty which involves direct, democratic participation in shared, from-the-ground-up, cooperative decision-making for collective action that serves the common good, with higher levels supporting the lower... Read More


Discuss recovering the commons, economic democracy, public banking, cooperatives,  21st century socialism, solidarity economy, indigenous communities in struggle, ecological-social sustainability, gender equality, localization, local currencies, alternative communications, steady state economics.

To start the conversation about "Moving Beyond Capitalism" we have created an Online Discussion Group. You will be enrolled in a forum where you can discuss the issues with other participants and receive updates about conference plans.

To join in the “Moving Beyond Capitalism” conversation now, send us an email to with the subject "To Join the MBC Conversation group" and we will send you an email with the invitation.

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Unfortunately, all I can write about the vision of the world you are talking about is that – utopia. It is not possible to create world like this! There will never, ever be equity on the world, it is not possible. Someone will always be above everyone else, someone will always have more rights. There is nothing we can do about it. Here, at we are all aware of it.
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