Summer Research Internship

A five-week intercultural living and learning experience in central Mexico – for international students

This unique internship brings faculty and international students together in participatory research on globalization and alternative economic business models. 

This program combines research, learning and service to enhance student’s understanding of democratic economies and cooperative businesses.  Undergraduate and graduate students, activists and practitioners take seminars in San Miguel, a cosmopolitan city in central Mexico. Then, joined by faculty and answering community invitations, they will live in rural communities and learn how Mexican livelihoods are affected by creative economic responses to globalizing economic relations. Three years of college Spanish, or the equivalent, is needed.

The Mission of the Internship Program is: “to offer cooperative, interactive, mutual learning experiences based on participatory research practices designed to yield benefits:

  • To the host community in ways they define for themselves
  • To the intern –academically, personally, and politically - by developing himself/herself in their pursuit of knowledge of cooperatives and how they function in the third world
  • To the Center, by deepening collective knowledge of globalization’s effects and people’s struggles to create alternatives.”

This combination of cutting-edge seminars on globalization, hands-on research into alternatives with a focus on cooperatives, and community service – all in a multi-cultural perspective – affords participants a unique view of our epoch from below.

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Usually summer internships are administered through a program, either through departmental programs, or through research institute programs. Examples of the former would be the Department of Medical Biophysics (deadline Feb. 1st) or IBBME (deadline Feb. 22nd), and an example of the latter would be Sunnybrook, which has a bunch of biophysics people.
Research institutes might be your best bet if you’re a first or second year student because departmental programs tend to favour upper year students from their program; research institute programs are more agnostic. Having your own funding, like through NSERC or CIHR, will make you instantly attractive to everyone.
If you can’t get in through those programs, cold calling sometimes works. You will most likely experience mass rejection though. I also just found this somewhat out of date guide from Student Life. | | | | | |
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