Tianguis Orgánicos de San Miguel de Allende

Organic farmers’ and artesans’ weekly market Ancha de San Antonio, 32, corner of Cardo

Saturdays, 9am to 2pm 

How do we combine work with an income?  We have to do it ourselves.  Starting in 2009, a critical mass of progressive, self-help organizers and organic farmers started meeting at the Center for Global Justice to discuss organizing a market to sell things that people are producing.  For people who don’t have a job – that special combination of work and pay – the alternative is to make something and sell it.  Yolanda Millán, organizer of Mujeres Productoras, a network of 104 women producing and selling household items such as clothes, pillows, baskets, etc. started meeting with Luc Monzies and Luis Suárez and others to discuss organizing a weekly market where local small producers can sell what they make.  The local small producers are either in agriculture/food production or jewelry/artesanal crafts. 

 After a year of meetings, the group was ready to have their grand opening in the Parque Juarez in San Miguel de Allende in August, 2010.  After a year, the group moved to a different location on a major thoroughfare through town.  Our weekly organic farmers’ market  has grown and grown and grown.  It has a festive fair-like atmosphere.  Local musicians perform for donations.  Producers prepare traditional Mexican food that people eat on the spot at the available tables and chairs.  Most agricultural producers don’t offer prepared foods, but everyone can buy their fresh vegetables for home cooking. 

Also for sale are jewelry, small rugs, glass mosaic household items, solar cookers, and other items.  TOSMA, the common name for the Saturday farmers’ and artesans’ market is actually the brand name of the cooperative Impulso Verde that runs the market.  Impulso Verde is a legally constituted cooperative under Mexican law, and it sells products under its brand name TOSMA.  These products are:  coffee,  water bottles, aprons, vanilla beans, and other items.  GAIA,  Grupo de Acción Interdisciplinaria Ambiental,  which is an Associación Civil produces medicinal and skin care products from plants. 

There are other agricultural cooperatives and other organic food stores, restaurants and producers.  Go HERE  to find them.


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