Unmanned: America's Drone Wars

The character of 21st century warfare has changed drastically.  No longer is it confined to battlefields where armies face one another.  With deadly weapons controlled from half way around the world and the illusive nature of the co-called war on terror, sudden death can be inflicted on unsuspecting people working in their garden or attending a wedding.  Drones and secret assassination teams are the new instruments of war, wiping out those on a Presidential kill list. 

Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars” is Robert Greenwald’s latest film.  It takes us into the thoughts of a young man who operates the drones from the U.S. as well as the Pakistan family devastated by a drone strike.  We get to see the humanity of the victims and find ourselves wondering whether our leaders are creating more enemies than they are killing.

“Unmanned: America’s Drone Wars”     2013

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