Bananazation and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Joan Roelofs   Feb. 10, 2016 at the Biblioteca, San Miguel de Allende
For the Center for Global Justice

This talk includes a brief description of NATO as an institution, and its vast scope both geographically and in its activities. Is it trying to become a world government? It seeks answers to puzzles that have rarely been addressed by scholars and journalists. Why did Western European countries join and why have they remained part of the alliance? No one questions that NATO is not an egalitarian organization. The United States dominates every aspect of it.  Are these supposedly social democratic countries really democracies, or are they banana republics?

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The Siege of Gaza: A Palestinian Liberation Theology Perspective

By Mike Rivage-Seul

Summary: According to liberation theologians in Palestine, there are four types of violence at work in the Zionist-Palestinian conflict. Three of them are employed by Israel's leadership against the Palestinians. In fact, only one level of violence can ever be excused. And that happens to be the very type our media uniformly designates as "terroristic" -- the violence of Palestinian self-defense.



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