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Snowbird Symposium 2015 

For those who missed some of the great talks the Center for Global Justice presented this winter and for those who want to enjoy them again, many are now available on our website.  Also the Film Catalog has been updated with information about the new documentary films we screened this season. 

February 4, 2015

The big community read this winter was Naomi Klein’s best selling book This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate.  A noted Canadian journalist, Klein tackels the most profound threat humanity has ever had to face: the war our economic model is waging against life on earth.  The really inconvenient truth is that it’s not just about carbon –it’s about capitalism.  The convenient truth, Klein says, is that we can seize this existential threat to transform our failed economic system and build something radically better. 

 It is clear we need to get off fossil fuels.  To do that requires breaking every rule in the “free market” playbook: reining in corporate power, rebuilding local economies and reclaiming our democracies.  A tall order, to be sure.  But around the world, many people are taking up the challenge in inspiring ways. 

A panel from the Center for Global Justice discussed the challenge this book presents.  Panelists were Susan Goldman, Dick Snyder and Georgeann Johnson.

 “The End of the American Dream” by Cliff DuRand   
February 18, 2015

For generations the promise of America has been for a rising standard of living.  If you work hard, no matter how humble your origin you can rise in society to something better in the way of material well being, economic security, a settled life and social prestige.  The economic crisis that has plagued the US since 2008 calls into question this dream. 

Read more or view the video   

Updated version of an article published on Truthout.org May 10, 2013.  http://www.truth-out.org/news/item/16291-the-american-dream-is-dead-long-live-the-new-dream

“Debt, Oil and the U.S. Military, or Why U.S. Elites Cannot and Will Not Stop Climate Change” by Betsy Bowman
February 25, 2015

All the dollars the U.S. spends on oil comes right back to the Treasury as debt.  So the debt keeps growing and the oil keeps flowing and the military keeps growing.  So the merry-go-round goes on and on.

 “Whither Cuba” by Cliff DuRand

March 13, 2015 

US strategy is to change Cuba by promoting capitalism within the country through support of a petty bourgeoisie – to bring Cuba back into the capitalist orbit. In Cuba today, a socialist state is actively promoting cooperatives, thereby devolving economic power to people at the grassroots level and a rejuvenation of civil society – a socialist civil society - is underway.

Read more or view the video 

A shortened and updated version of this talk was publish on Truthout.org on April 15, 2015 at http://www.truth-out.org/opinion/item/30209-whither-cuba

Rethinking Free Markets, Free Trade and Growth by Betsy Bowman

As we contemplate the possible passage of theTrans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), we might reconsider the ideas of free trade and free markets and where these ideas came from. We should also take another look at the idea of growth, indeed endless growth. These are the issues Betsy Bowman will examine in a talk. View the video

 Ser Mujer 

Throughout March the Center for Global Justice celebrated International Women’s Month with special events. 

“Hidden Herstories”
March 4, 2015

Panel with Georgeann Johnson on the Goddess, Lorna Ferguson on Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party”, and Cheryl Wolfe on the struggle for peace and human rights.

Cultural Identity and the Faces of the Mexican Woman”

March 11, 2015

Panel includes anthropologist Ilythya Guevera, Irma Rincon, Alejandra Cervantes, Angelica Juarez and moderator Rosi Bautista.

View the video

“Honoring Mother Earth”

March 18, 2015 

Panel with Rosanna Alvarez, Amy Shadwell and Georgeann Johnson discuss organic food, seed saving and the rights of nature.  Plus improvisation by the Improv People.

View the video and read Georgeann’s talk  

“The Other Azotzinapa”, a  talk by Laura Carlsen

March 25, 2015

Mexico City based U.S. journalist gives an update on the Ayotzinapa case and the current political situation in the country.

view the video

 “The Role of Women’s Unwaged Labor in the Historical Process” by Betsy Bowman

March 27, 2015

 The contribution women make to the world, their villages and families through their housework and child-raising is of equal value to so-called “Men’s Work” and deserves to be adequately compensated.  This could change how women are seen in the world, and therefore change the world itself. 

 view the video  


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