Women Crossing the Line

Women Crossing the Line, a documentary about the struggle against domestic violence and femicide by Mexican, Honduran and Guatemalan women. 

Women Crossing the Line    2014

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“I have spoken at length with my children about politics over the last few years. Wow! this time I have had to explain more vulgar words and issues, which usually don’t have anything to do with a political campaign for the highest office in the country.

Akira now knows what groping is, to defend herself from some creep trying to grasp her pu$$y, she is aware that women face sexual assault too often, Tristan has learned that you need to respect women, not that he didn’t know it already…Terrible words from powerful people who stand in front of cheering crowds telling lies and spreading disharmony and hatred against vulnerable groups.

We have bigger issues in the world: global warming, ISIS, nuclear proliferation in NKorea, antibiotic resistant bacteria… I could go on. Why are they squabbling with this man who is unfit and unqualified? I guess it’s good reality tv and I’m sure that cnn’s ratings are up. What a sad, sad place we find ourselves in."
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